Voice Services
Scarpel Telecom offers a range of advanced solutions trusted by mobile operators
across the globe
Voice API
Scarpel Telecom's Voice API is reliable and easy to use.
Manage your calls effectively and reduce costs by building your call center.
Integrate our Voice API system with your CRM database and call from your software.
How it works?
  1. Start the phone call
  2. Your software makes a request to Scarpel Telecom
  3. An outbound phone call is routed to your end user
Bulk Calling
Make multiple outbound calls with a single API request. Bulk voice allows you to get a recorded message across to thousands of people in a short period of time.
Scarpel Telecom's voice calls are an ideal tool for nurturing leads:
customer survey, insurance reminders, product promotions, service marketing, and much more.
Interactive voice response
An IVR system is a phone menu that interacts with a caller via pre-recorded messages and the keypad. IVR system can handle large call volumes and help cut costs on your customer services. Use an IVR system for surveys, reminders, payments, and connect with your clients with a simple key press.
Cloud numbers
Get an instant access to phone numbers across the globe. Cloud communication helps reduce costs on physical infrastructure and scale your business.
Scarpel Telecom offers local, geographical, toll-free, and mobile numbers for marketing, branding, and operational needs.
Upgrade your voice business
With our services and support everything is possible.
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