Text messaging

Did you know that 98% of all text messages are read within 3 minutes of delivery?
Send interactive messages to your customers wherever they are
SMS Messaging

SMS messaging is not about spamming.
It is about building relationships with your customers. Those who have shown a keen interest in your products or services and entrusted you with their personal data.

SMS notifications

You've got something to share? There's no more
effective way to let your users know then via SMS
Treat your customers with extra love
Inform a waiting list of a product availability
Add value to people's lives
Update them via SMS about their credit card transaction
Calm your clients' nerves
Inform a waiting list of a product availability

How to send SMS via Scarpel Telecom?

Fast and easy.
Pick the right option for your business
Activate your user account
Get a username and a password to access our SMS getaway.Draft the text, schedule delivery time, and press 'Send'.
Send SMS from your software
Integrate your existing CRM with our top-tier messaging platform using SMPP, HTTP or FTP computer protocol.
Ask for help
Looking for a tailor-made solution? We can provide you with an individual integration module.

Mobile marketing

Reach all-new audiences based on their gender, age,
location or interests
Set the budget
Our pricing is based purely on your usage

Schedule the messaging
Set timezone configurations and enable SMS sorting
Track the results
Get instant feedback and optimize your costs

Use cases for different industries

Real Estate
Use geolocation targeting to notify potential customers about the house you're selling. Promote properties and send updates.
Reduce fraud through one-time-passwords, generate real-time transaction alerts, collect debt on loans and credit card payments.
Send special deals, offers, and coupons, inform your customers of new inventory or just say
'Happy Birthday!'
Send reminders, updates and loyalty program points. Engage your customers with promotions and special deals, send vouchers and coupons.
Keep your customers informed of their flight status. Send them hotel reservation details or just say 'Thank you' for recent bookings.
Send account updates and alerts, remind your customers to top up their account balances, and notify them of an appointment.

SMS notifications

Reach all-new audiences based on their gender, age,
location or interests
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