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For over 10 years, Scarpel Telecom has been a leading SMS messaging and voice API company. Developed by our in-house tech-savvy team, Scarpel Telecom's messaging platform continually provides our clients with secure and reliable solutions.

Our proven track record speaks for itself: more than 2000 customers, including big corporations like BMW, Otto Group, L'Occitane, Mitsubishi Motors, and IKEA trust us.

Unique solutions
Our products help foster engagement and boost revenues across banking, retail, travel, HoReCa, real estate, and other industries
Top-tier platform
Our messaging platform is second to none in the global market and easily integrated with any third party software (CRM, app etc.)
Customer-driven service
Our personal support enables the easy integration of mobile services, no matter if you are a tiny start up or a multinational enterprise

Our mission is to transform your business with mobile technology, help you grow your sales, and keep your customers happy.

What really matters to Scarpel Telecom

We are committed to constantly providing the best quality and advanced technology
People – software developers, managers, advisors – who make seamless interactions between brands and consumers happen.
Clients and partners we build our relationships with, based on transparency, respect and reciprocal trust.
Products and services that ensure our clients stand out in the crowded mobile marketplace, save their time and money.
Georgiou Katsounotou, 6
3036, Limassol, Cyprus